Are You Studying the Right Way?

Are You Studying the Right Way?

Exam time is a real ordeal for many students. As the time comes from them to demonstrate their knowledge, insecurities emerge. This is because many students don't have the proper study techniques to gain knowledge throughout the course while managing their time well enough to allow for leisure and fun at the same time.

 That is why The American College, in collaboration with the Instituto Pascal, is now offering a Study Skills and Learning Strategies course to help students learn strategies to study the right way.

The course, which will start this March 9th, will take place every Wednesday during normal business hours from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm over six weeks (a total of 24 hours) and will be held at The American College.

The study skills program will help students learn to make better use of their time to study and plan for exams while learning to better understand course content and deepen their knowledge in the topics that requires greater attention. These types of learning strategies benefit students by helping them to review for exams with less effort and more successfully assimilate larger topics.

The course has only 15 seats, so if you want to register or would like more information,  feel free to call us soon at 952 763 593 or email us at