Want to go to university but did not finish High School?

If you have not completed your GCSE’s, Bachillerato or secondary education, you can get your GED diploma now at The American College in Spain. The GED is an official high school equivalency certificate that grants access to U.S. universities.

Get your GED in March 2019 and begin your university studies in September 2020

at The American College in Spain.



  • Start date: March 4th
  • End date: June 22nd

Students wishing to apply to the GED course, should present the following documents:

  1. Application Form
  2. Placement Test is required prior to admission.
  3. Passport photocopy. If Spanish national or resident, national identification document(DNI /NIE)
  4. 150€ Administration Fee

For more information please contact:
info@americancollegespain.com or +34 952 763 593

For more information about GED courses, please click HERE.

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