The President of Broward College, J. David Armstrong Jr., and the founder of The American College in Spain (ACS), Melissa Butler, have signed last friday an agreement establishing ACS as an ‘International Transfer Center of Broward College’, coinciding with the celebration of The II Broward College Word Conference in Marbella.

Through this agreement, when students enrol in Marbella, they will automatically be enrolled in the university of Broward College, allowing them to transfer directly to other universities in the United States after finishing a two-year degree. Broward has established partnerships of this kind in several countries including those represented at the World Conference. Mrs. Butler declared: ¨It is a very important agreement for us as after four years of offering an American education in Spain, we are now formally recognisable as a Broward College International Center”. Under this agreement, students are enrolled both at The American College in Spain and Broward College, receiving a BC college ID and access to Broward’s online library.

Being an international center also has the advantage of allowing students to begin their first two years of university studies in Marbella and then transfer to the Unites States to complete their degree. Not long ago Marbella had no university and Spanish students chose Malaga or Madrid to complete their higher education, whilst international students went back to their home country. ¨What´s more, many young foreign athletes come to Marbella to train. Thanks to this agreement, they are now able to train and study during their first two years and then apply for scholarships from American Universities once they transfer.

ACS becomes an International Center of Broward College in Florida

Armstrong highlighted the fact that ¨Many similarities exist between Marbella and our home town, Ft. Lauderdale, something I have discovered on my first visit to the city. Now we can add the fact that, as the American College in Spain becomes and international center, students will receive the same American education that is available in so many other countries around the world, which are represented here as they take part in the Broward College World Conference.¨

This agreement marks and educational milestone for the municipality, which was represented by Ricardo Lopez, from the City Hall of Marbella who thanked the American College in Spain and Broward College for choosing Marbella to host this event. ¨One of the best things that Marbella has, and the thing that distinguishes it from other cities is that it offers a wide range of extra services, and now amongst these extra services, college education at the highest
level¨, he explained.

Elías Bendodo, president of Turismo Costa del Sol, was unable to attend the meeting, however, wanted to offer a message of support. In the words of the president of Turismo Costa del Sol, “it is a proud moment for the province of Malaga to be hosting Broward College´s World Conference”. In any case, it has reaffirmed the Costa del Sol´s place “as a destination open to all cultures, by means of its enormous cultural and educational offers that makes each citizen feels at home”. Mr. Bendodo also highlighted the ability of the province to host events of this calibre, “thanks to the extraordinary and growing infrastructure in matters of congregations and meetings that the Costa del Sol has”.

Furthermore, Bendodo congratulated the work of the American College in Spain, situated in Marbella, “as it has expanded the educational offer in the area, undoubtedly enriching the intercultural nature that characterises the south of Europe”.

Broward College

Located in South Florida, Broward College is the first and largest institution of higher education in Broward County. Since its founding in 1960 it has awarded degrees to more than 100,000 students. Some 65,000 students from more than 150 countries are currently studying at its Ft. Lauderdale campus. Broward College is accredited by the Commission of Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award Associate and Bachelor´s Degrees. According to the Aspen Institute, a prestigious organization located in Washington, DC, it ranks among the top 3 community colleges in the US.