The Honors College strives to provide a rigorous, relevant and coherent experience for our students. Every aspect of The Honors College—academic, extra-curricular, and social—is organized around the “Four Pillars of Honors Education”: Critical Thinking, Service, Research, and Leadership.


  • Critical Thinking—We believe that enhancing the critical thinking skills of our students will result in a learning-centered environment.
  • Service—We find great value in learning from others. Our students take part in Academic Service Learning opportunities that are internationally recognized. Many of these service projects help enrich the classroom, the campus, and the larger community.
  • Research—We understand that meaningful change in today’s world requires a knowledge that is aware of the connections of many fields. The BC Honors curriculum is designed so that our students practice and master essential research skills in their chosen field.
  • Leadership—We are confident that an honors education imparts the skills needed for true leadership. Creating opportunities ranging from topics in classroom discussions, to holding an office in the Honors Student Committee (the student governing body that has a voice in our program), we strive to prepare students for when they will no longer be students, in whatever their chosen field and way of life.


This certificate helps internationally and local students alike to be more marketable if they choose to transfer to a university in Florida or the U.S. in general.

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