University Program

General Education

General Education at The American College in Spain is a core of common learning experiences that enables students to acquire and apply a broad foundation of knowledge, skills, and behaviors. The curriculum consists in an overall learning of various disciplines before engaging the students in their specific area of concentration. Literacy and communication skills are constantly reinforced throughout the students’ program of study.


University Transfer Program

The University Transfer Program enables students to begin in Marbella much of the basic coursework required by all North American universities. Students then transfer their credits to universities in the USA from which they intend to earn a degree. This is known as the 2+2 program: 2 years in Spain and 2 years in the U.S.


Bachelor’s Degrees

The American College in Spain is authorized to offer Broward College’s Associate of Arts degree, which is well recognized and wildly accepted. After completing the 2-year AA program at ACS, students can transfer to an American university to complete their bachelor’s degree.


List of Universities

A list of the universities with which The American College in Spain, under its affiliation with Broward College, has agreements.


Academic Courses

A list of our courses in different areas: Communications, Humanities, Social & Behavioural Sciences, Sciences, Mathematics, Other General Education Math Courses and Business.


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