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Studying abroad is an ideal way for students to explore the world, to experience new cultures, to broaden their horizons. In effect, students who study abroad amass what is known as “Cultural Capital”, an intangible of lasting and significant import, making them more marketable to Universities, Graduate Programs and, ultimately, employers.

Living in another country and being immersed in its language, culture and history leaves an indelible mark on students, and the benefits therefrom far outstrip what can be achieved in the classroom alone. Imagine engaging and conversing with native Spanish speakers on a daily basis, or meandering through the narrow cobblestoned streets of an ancient city whose long, complex history is as palpable as its burgeoning modernity.

Llegada a Marbella

The American College in Spain (ACS) is unique as we offer a fully accredited US High School diploma through the University of Nebraska High School, and are an International Center of Broward College. At ACS, we are committed to giving our students the best educational experience possible. As such, we strictly adhere to the academic rigors set forth by our two US affiliates. Moreover, we also firmly believe that for students to have a truly edifying experience they must step out of the classroom, as well as their comfort-zones, and explore and engage with the world around them. Our Spanish courses, therefore, are supplemented by excursions and field trips, exposing students not only to the Spanish language but also to its history and culture.

Spain boasts a richly diverse cultural and historical heritage; and this, perhaps, is nowhere more pronounced than in Andalucía. The American College in Spain is located in Marbella, on what is known as the “Golden Mile”, right in the heart of Andalucía’s southern coast, La Costa del Sol. Only ten minutes from the beach, the ACS campus is nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Blanca and surrounded by residential areas, cafés, fitness centers, tennis clubs and golf courses, making it an ideal and, above all, safe location for our visiting students.


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