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Academics: Section Title


General Education at the American College in Spain is a core of common learning experiences that enables students to acquire and apply a broad foundation of knowledge, skills, and behaviors. The curriculum consists in an overall learning of various disciplines before engaging the students in their specific area of concentration. Literacy and communication skills are constantly reinforced throughout the students’ program of study.

Selection of General Education Courses

Different degrees have different General Education requirements. General Education courses are taken during a student’s first 2 years of university studies, as most are prerequisites for high level coursework. ACS offers Broward College’s General Education courses in order to fulfill the transfer requirements for most universities.

Core Courses

Core courses are classes that every student seeking to obtain a particular degree is required to take in order to graduate in his/her field of study.

General Education Requirements For Associate Of Arts Degree

  • Complete a minimum of 36 credits of General Education Coursework in Communication, Mathematics, Social/ Behavioral Sciences, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Wellness plus 24 credits (electives).

  • Complete the Speech communication requirement.

  • Fulfill the Computer Literacy requirement within the first academic year by successfully completing CGS 1060C.

  • Foreign language.

  • Writing credit (W) (4 courses).

  • International/ Intercultural (I) (1 course).

  • Civic Literacy- Students should complete either POS 2041 American Government or AMH 2020 Introductory Survey since 1877.

Academics: Services

Students wishing to apply to the University Transfer Program, should fill in the following form:

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