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High School Program

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Fill out the Application

Students wishing to apply to the High School Program, should fill in the corresponding form.


In order for an application to be valid, all the documents required must be submitted.

Once done, our academic department will check the documents and will contact you for the interview. 


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Important Information for High School Applicants

A) PRE-ADMISSION: Students coming from another high school or international school will need to provide original stamped copies of previous school reports. These will be sent to the United States for evaluation in order to determine how many subjects are required for high school completion.  The following documents are required:

  1. Registration Form filled out.

  2. Payment of the transcript evaluation fee – € 85

  3. Passport photocopy. If Spanish national or resident, national identification document (DNI /NIE)


B) ADMISSION: Once the student’s transcript has been evaluated the main registration at ACS can begin, or if the student starts from the first year with us. 

C) All applicants should demonstrate a minimum level of English and Mathematics to achieve their academic objectives. Prior to registration, students will be given a placement test in order to determine their level.

► Those students who need to improve their skills in these areas will be assigned to the appropriate preparatory courses.

D) The Academic Department will interview all future students to determine if their interests and professional goals are compatible with the mission and the programs of ACS.

E) We study each case individually and we adapt to each student’s needs. Our aim is to plan the best pathway for the student to have access to studying in an American university.

F) For students enrolled in the Sports Program please contact our registrar’s office at: to receive more information.

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