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Always learning, learning together.

Mastering the English language is essential in the globalized world we live in, it gives us access to a better and more complete education and it is essential when it comes to finding a good job. In addition, the place where we are located, the Costa del Sol, is a mosaic of cultures where more than 140 different nationalities live together.


Learning other languages helps us to discover the multiculturalism that characterizes us. In the Department of Language and Culture of The American College in Spain we help you to acquire the desired level of English and to achieve your language learning goals.

**In order to open a new group, a minimum of 4 students is required.

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Tutoría uno a uno

One-to-one / Two-to-one classes

These courses are completely tailor-made to students´ particular needs and
objectives. Together, we design the course identifying the specific
language areas and skills needed to improve, and we provide
personalized tuition to reach the desired goals.

Clase de tecnologia

Communicative English I “Just talking”  (B1/B2)

This course is designed to develop the students' communicative skills in English at an intermediate level. Aimed at those who want to practice conversation, review and expand their knowledge and use of the structures necessary to improve their level of communicative competence in the English language.


The main objective is for students to gain confidence to use the language more fluently and effectively in everyday situations in a pleasant and safe environment that facilitates communication.


In the classes we work on grammar, vocabulary and socio-cultural contents with a communicative approach, giving priority to interaction as the means and final objective of language learning.   

4 weeks | 12h | 150€

Talk equipo

4 weeks | 12h | 150€

Communicative English II “Just talking”  (B2/C1)

This course is specially designed to achieve the necessary competence to be able to express oneself fluently and naturally, so that communication is carried out without apparent effort.


During the course, language skills are put into practice in a pleasant and safe environment for the student who needs to acquire an upper-intermediate-advanced level of English.


The classes focus on grammar, vocabulary and socio-cultural contents with a communicative approach, giving priority to interaction as the means and final objective of learning.  


This course is a continuation of the ENG-CONV01 course. The student must take a personal interview with the teacher and/or an exam to guarantee the minimum level required for the course (B2).    

Mujeres empresarias caminando en el pasi

4 weeks | 48h | 600€

English for Business Communication (Intensive)

This course is designed for people who want to develop their communication skills in English in the work and professional environment. The objective of the course is to provide students with the linguistic skills and the confidence they need to defend themselves fluently in English in the business world.


The courses are adapted to the needs of the students depending on their professional profile. During the course, students practice common work situations such as meetings, presentations, negotiations as well as the preparation of reports or the writing of e-mails.  


The recommended previous level of English to participate in this course is intermediate level B2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages. 

En clase

Course English for Exams (PAU, EBAU o EvAU)  

Course aimed to those students who need to prepare the University entrance exams (PAU, EBAU or EvAU) or for anyone who wants to review their knowledge of the English language following the study format of preparation of those exams.


In this course, the linguistic skills of reading and writings are fundamentally developed, which are those required during the entrance exams.


In addition, a review of the grammatical structures and vocabulary necessary to acquire the level is made. Likewise, the most common errors are analyzed and study techniques and learning strategies are offered to develop the student's autonomy in the acquisition of the language. 

6 weeks | 24h | 300€

Pueblo español

12 weeks | 24h | 350€
(600€ if you do level I and II)

Introduction to Spanish Art & Culture I (taught in English)  

Course of introduction and appreciation of Spanish art and culture, in which the most emblematic painting, sculpture and architecture of the Spanish territory and the most relevant artistic periods are studied.


From the prehistoric painting of the Altamira Caves to Picasso's Guernika, as well as the masterpieces of El Greco, Velázquez or Goya. From the Islamic architecture of the Alhambra in Granada to the deconstructivism of the Guggenheim Museum building. From the Roman period and its infrastructures to Gaudí's Catalan Modernism.

The goal of the course is to familiarize students with the artistic manifestations of Spanish art and its fundamental characteristics and to develop their analytical skills in order to contextualize artistic works belonging to different genres and periods.


The course is taught in English and student discussion and participation is encouraged during the classes.   

Plaza España

12 weeks | 24h | 350€
(600€ if you do level I and II)

Introduction to Spanish Art & Culture II (taught in English)  

Continuation of Introduction to Spanish Art & Culture I ES-ART01 course.


The goal of this course is to familiarize students with the artistic manifestations of Spanish art and their fundamental characteristics and to develop their analytical skills to contextualize artistic works belonging to different genres and stages.


The course is taught in the Spanish language and the discussion and participation of the students is encouraged during the classes. 

orador público

16 weeks | 48h | 600€

 Introduction to Public Speaking  (University Program)

This course is designed to provide students with the basic fundamentals and practical experience for public speaking in a variety of personal, business and professional situations.


Topics include audience analysis, speaker anxiety, critical listening, and speech preparation and delivery in various cultural contexts. Students will also learn how to effectively incorporate audio-visual aids and technologies to craft effective speeches.


This is an international and intercultural competency course. 


8/12 weeks | 36h | 690€

TOEFL Preparation Course

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam is the most widely used academic English proficiency test in the world. Thousands of colleges and universities use the TOEFL to test and evaluate the English language competency of their students and academic personnel. 

The TOEFL test measures English Language proficiency in these three disciplines: Reading, speaking, listening and writing (four skills). 
This exam is administered by the Educational Testing Services (ETS) and was developed to ensure the mastery of English in non-native speakers that desire to study in American universities. Additionally, this exam is often required by institutions such as governmental agencies, businesses, or scholarship programs (for example, scholarships for athletes). 

Here at The American College in Spain we offer a TOEFL course to help students improve their level of English and prepare them to pass the test of English as a foreign language. 

Haciendo tarea

12/14 weeks | 230h | 8.600€

Academic English 

Academic English is a program that has been developed to allow students to obtain an appropriate and sufficient level of English so that they are able to receive a formal education that it is taught in this language. The program is adapted to the student´s level and maintains reading, writing, grammar and conversation as its main pillars. 

Upon completing the program, the student will have reached the necessary to comfortably pursue a degree that is taught in English. 

This program includes 18 lecture hours per week over a 12/14 week period and it is taught by native English teachers 

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