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Apply now for the next season! Our full-time and part-time program begins twice a year, in January and August. We only take a maximum of 45 players in 2 teams. Our GLOBALM Malaga full-time residence and boarding academy is situated in Riviera del Sol, 200 meters from the beach.

Founded by Chris Vermeeren, GLOBALM Malaga has seen many success stories: 100+ club trials, played La Liga teams with Sevilla, Malaga, Atlético, and Real Madrid, resulting in players signing (semi) pro-contracts to play in various European cities. It has also provided many scholarships for players in the USA.

About the Academy:
GLOBALM Malaga focuses on youngsters from ages 15-20 from across the Globe. The academy provides full-time training, room, and board and offers students the opportunity to be fully submerged in the environment of a professional player for a full 10-month season.

Students will benefit from:

  1. A top-level training program with UEFA Pro license coaches and professional players.

  2. Playing weekly games with La Liga and Liga Adelante Clubs.

  3. The opportunity to be a part of a competitive environment.

  4. A worldwide network with clubs and universities.

“The opportunity to be a part of this competitive environment is a truly exciting one for our players”, says Chris Vermeeren, “We showcase your talents to professional clubs in Spain- Holland, and around the world”. 

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Training takes place in the morning and is conducted by professional highly qualified coaches with La Liga training experience. Games are organized with La Liga clubs to expose our players to well known teams such as Málaga, Cádiz, Atlético Madrid, Granada, Córdoba, as well as other international pro clubs. Our global network and expertise support our vision.


The American College in Spain provides the education for our players. Offering high school and university studies, the academic program is fully integrated with the football academy. Our tutors will advise you on the best program for your son or daughter. Players can join twice a year, in September and January, and up to 1 month before the academic starting date.

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Students wishing to apply to the Soccer Program through us, should first apply to the academic program they want to be in, by filling out one of the following forms:

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