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Dr. James Butler

Founder of The American College in Dubai (1989), Dr. James Butler’s vision was to bring affordable American education to both expat and local students by providing them with the opportunity to begin their academic studies in the United Arab Emirates and then transfer to a university in the USA, Canada, or the United Kingdom to obtain associate and BBA degrees​

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in History and Economics from the Ohio State University.

  • Former professor of History and Economics at the University of Maryland (European division).

  • Founder of numerous university programs in various countries, the latest being The American College of Dubai.

  • Former CEO of the Board of members of the American College of Dubai, which is accredited by the Ministery of Education of the United Arab Emirates.

Poonam Singh, Ph. D.

Former Provost / Vice President Academic Affairs – American

College of Dubai

Visiting Faculty – The American College in Spain

Dr. Singh obtained a Doctoral Degree in Anthropology from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, USA.  Her career in academia spans over two and a half decades, during which she has held roles in both, senior leadership positions as well as in teaching.  She served the American College in Dubai, UAE, from 1999 through 2019 both as a senior leader and a faculty member.  Prior to this, she worked as a community Development Specialist / Rural Sociologist for United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat, Nairobi, Kenya) for a projects in Nepal and Myanmar.  While she was a Teaching Assistant at Syracuse University, she was awarded a Junior Fellowship by AIIS for research in India.  

Dr. Lesley Zweigman

Vice President for Academic Affairs at Anglo Educational Services


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in British History from the McGill University. Lesley Zweigman is an expert in Professional Educational Management with a strong background in the planning, administration, coordination of academic programs, scholarships, and study abroad. Currently the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Anglo Educational Services, a division of the Lowy Group that was established in 1971 to serve the growing amount of foreign students in the United Kingdom and Europe. AES offers a comprehensive service ranging from guest lectures to visits to specialized sites and cultural activities.

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