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The GED (General Educational Development) is a High School proficiency test that evaluates 4 areas of the student’s knowledge: Social Studies, Science, English and Mathematics. It consists of a series of 4 tests that once passed demonstrates that the student meets the necessary requirements of a high school education in the United States of America. Once completed, the student will receive a GED diploma.

The GED is an interesting and highly recommended option for those students who have not completed their secondary-level studies and want access to a U.S. university in order to obtain a university degree. Most U.S. universities accept students with a GED diploma. The GED® credential is accepted by over 97% of colleges and employers.

Since May 2017, the new GED test has been available internationally.

Benefits of the new International GED program:

  • A test that more fully measures critical thinking and reasoning skills, and is aligned with the most current U.S. education standards. Two new scoring levels, College-ready and College-ready + Credit will allow students on the high end of the achievement spectrum to demonstrate their achievements to post-secondary institutions.

  • New, powerful GED Ready practice tests. GED Ready practice tests are highly predictive of performance on the GED test. Students will also have access to a detailed score report to help with guidance and remediation.

  • Students have access to an online portal that provides more information about the GED program and allows students to easily register for the exam, check scores and much more.

  • Easier and quicker access for students for requesting diploma and transcript through

  • A vast library of free professional development resources for teachers to get ready to prepare students for the new GED test.

  • A wide spectrum of new digital and print preparation resources from various publishers that are fully aligned with the new GED test.


The American College in Spain is an authorized Pearson- VUE testing center



  • Course start date: 26th April 2021

  • Course end date: 30th June 2021


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