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Located just 50 meters from the beach on the Costa del Sol, Villa Padierna Raquet Club is considered one of the best clubs on the Costa del Sol.

Villa Padierna Racquet Club offers you more than 22,000 square meters of unique paddle and tennis facilities on the Costa del Sol. We have courts for rent, Padel and Tennis School, Leagues, Tournaments and a variety of activities for you to practice your favorite sport, with family or friends.

At Prodigy, padel is a tool for educating people. Always be honest.

  • Studies and padel are compatible, so don't neglect either.

  • Be an example for other sportsmen and sportswomen, especially if they are younger than you.

  • Let honor and nobility be your style in the practice of padel.

  • Be known for your exquisite behavior on the padel courts more than for your sporting successes.

  • May team spirit prevail in your training sessions, as the interests of the team and its members are above your own.

  • Be grateful to your parents. They accompany you in your personal and sporting development.

  • Win with passion and lose with dignity, always showing respect for your opponent.

  • Have a strong and success-oriented mindset. I am here because I have worked hard and I am here to give it my all.

  • Evaluate yourself by your effort and work and not by your success or failure in the competition.

  • The opponent is not your enemy, he is a rival, and as such, you must show him respect and politeness.

  • You must know your strengths and limitations and your talents. This will make you feel more confident and you will know how to exploit what you are good at.

  • Remember the importance of the pre-match warm-up. I'm going to start competing, so I need to be prepared.

  • There is a direct link between enjoyment and your sporting performance.

  • Conditions are never perfect, your attitude is. Play with determination, determination, intensity and perseverance.

  • Be consistent in your training and give it your all, because if you train well, you will play well.

  • Control the level of activation. Be ready to receive or start the point, the game or the match.

  • Follow the decisions of the referee and your coach, who are there to help you.

  • Take care of your diet.

  • Work on your physique, it is essential to arrive in perfect condition for the competition and to be a good competitor. Your teammate deserves it and you

  • In the changes of field for rest, I will analyze together with my partner the previous game and the strategy to follow. We will decide to keep it or change it.

  • I will ALWAYS go with my coach if there is one. It is essential to have a team feeling, and that is what we are.

  • It is necessary to analyze and pay attention to how we win or lose points, especially if they are the last points scored.

  • Always analyze the state of mind of your opponents, especially after mistakes, and who made them. This is a guideline that will give you a lot of information.


The American College in Spain provides the education for our players. Offering high school and university studies, the academic program is fully integrated with the golf academy. Our tutors will advise you on the best program for your son or daughter. 

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Students wishing to apply to the Paddle Program through us, should first apply to the academic program they want to be in, by filling out one of the following forms:

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