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Río Verde and Villa Romana in Marbella

Last week, the University students, led by their Biology professor, Mr. Francisco G., went to visit the Green River mouth and its ecosystem, as well as the archaeological remains of the Villa Romana in Marbella which is an "Asset of Cultural Interest" and "Historical heritage of Spain".

The remains place the Villa in the first century of our era, where ceramics, marbles, and metal objects are now at the Municipal Museum. The general interest of this site revolves around its mosaic-based pavement, made up of small cubic-shaped pieces in various colors called "tesellae".

To the uniqueness of the pavements in this Villa, especially the culinary mosaic, we must add the fact that it is one of the few examples that we have on the Andalusian coast, of the noble area of this type of settlement, essential to know the domestic environment in which families of medium / high economic level lived during this period.


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