Start your High School studies, continue your first two years of University and finish in the USA or Europe,
whereby you will obtain your Degree from an accredited American University.

University Transfer Program

Students can begin in Spain their first two years of studies by completing their general education courses required by all U.S. universities. Then they transfer their credits to an university in the USA from which they intend to earn a degree. This is known as the 2+2 program: 2 years in Spain and 2 years in the U.S.

GED Program

The GED (General Educational Development) is a High School proficiency test that evaluates 4 areas of the student’s knowledge: Social Studies, Science, English and Mathematics. Once completed, the student will receive a GED diploma.

High School Program

The American College in Spain offers a High School diploma through The University of Nebraska High School, a fully accredited program whereby students can complete their high school in Spain. They advises students individually and assigns the courses necessary for high school completion.

Academic English Program

Academic English is a program that has been developed to allow students to obtain an appropriate and sufficient level of English so that they are able to receive a formal education that is taught in this language. The program is adapted to the student’s level and maintains grammar, conversation, and writing as its main pillars.

Advantages of the American University System

Start a university career in Marbella, transfer to the US and obtain a degree from an accredited American university.

Why study at The American College in Spain?

25 years of experience and more than 12,000 students endorse the success of our program.

The success of the American University System

A degree from an American university is a great way to gain access into the workplace worldwide.

International Center of Broward College

The American College in Spain, as an International Center of Broward College, has exchange agreements with numerous universities in the USA and other countries.​


The university system of the USA is well known for its flexibility in many aspects.


The process has an added advantage because it helps students gradually adapt to the American language, method of learning, and culture.

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What Do High School Students Say?

At the American College in Spain, High School students can work at their own pace to potentially allow them to graduate early. The ACS Staff has been very helful and kind while guiding me to a successful school year. Ridge Pearson

Virginia, USA

The American College in Spain was a fantastic experience in my senior year of high school. I was able to work to my own schedule and go at a comfortable pace. In my opinion, the best quality that ACS has is its small classroom size. Because of this quality, it is easier to grow a relationship with all the instructors which creates a great environment for learning. Marshall Herrman

California, USA

I am very excited about the idea of starting university in the USA at the same time as being able to continue competing in tennis at a high level. I encourage all those who are high performance athletes to study at The American College in Spain. Sheila Cetina

Marbella, España

What Do College Students Say?

I just basically love to be here, and I wanna have an American curriculum, so I decided to come and study here at ACS and I love this, it is like a second home really. Jauqline

Florida, USA

Because the opportunities the American College offers us, it is really nice to have this international environment. The staff is amazing, you will never find another staff with so engagement and so ready to help you. Nila

Vienna, Austria

I chose ACS because I decided to study in the US and my mother wants me to study in Spain two years more with my family. This is a very important advantage. Edvard Tsymbala

Jmelnytskkyy, Ucrania





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