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Fully recognized American Education in Spain

Start your High School studies, continue the first 2 years of University in Marbella, and then transfer to the US (or any other American University in the world) to obtain a degree from an accredited American University.

Advantages of the American Education System

Dynamic and interactive classes, world-recognized degrees, flexible and personalized education, and ease of combining studies and sports. In addition, students will find an international, and diverse environment that will make them live a full and enriching experience.

Why study at The American College in Spain?

25 years of experience and more than 12,000 students endorse the success of our program.

The Success of the American Education System

A high school diploma and a degree from an American University is a great way to gain access into the workplace worldwide.

Flexibility & Fluidity

The university system of the USA is well known for its flexibility in many aspects. The process has an added advantage because it helps students gradually adapt to the American language, method of learning, and culture.

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Welcome to
The American College in Spain

The American College in Spain (ACS) is the first North American High School & University in Andalusia. Located in the town of Marbella (Málaga) since 2013, The American College in Spain offers a curriculum based on the U.S. education system. 


Students can complete in Marbella their High School education and then begin their first two years of University by completing the general education courses required by all U.S. universities. Upon completion of those 2 years of university, students receive the "Associate of Arts Degree" diploma from Keiser University, which is recognized and accepted worldwide.


After obtaining an Associate of Arts Degree, students can continue their third and fourth year at Keiser University or transfer to any North American university (USA or any other university in Europe or all over the World that offers the American education system) where they can complete their degree and obtain their 4 years diploma: BA (Bachelor of Arts), BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) or BSc (Bachelor of Science).

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Programs Offered

Students can begin in Spain their first two years of university by completing their general education courses required by all U.S. universities. Then they transfer their credits to a university in the USA (or any other university in Europe or all over the World that offers the American education system) from which they intend to earn a degree. This is known as the 2+2 program.

The American College in Spain offers a fully accredited program whereby students can complete their high school education in Spain. With a tailor-made program, classes are taught by a team of qualified teachers specialized in different subjects. Personal academic advice is offered to all students, national and international, at all ages and levels of study.

The GED (General Educational Development) is a High School proficiency test that evaluates 4 areas of the student’s knowledge: Social Studies, Science, English and Mathematics. Once completed, the student will receive a GED diploma.

Continuous learning is an inherent task of the human being, as it adds to personal growth and confidence. Education opens doors for us, reveals new ideas, new perspectives, and develops our reflective critical thinking, which are so necessary in the ever-changing world we live in.

Estudiantes universitarios
Study in Marbella and USA

+ 90%
of our students go to the USA on scholarships

+ 25 years of experience

American Education Center

+ 12,000 
students endorse the success of our programs

Agreements with many universities

+ 50
agreements with universities around the world

Finish your studies all over the world

+ 40
nationalities create the international learning environment

What do our Students Say?

Vito Moriana Graduated Student

Vito Moriana, Germany

Being at The American College Spain was a great choice. The school overall is smaller than usual schools, which is a great feature. The amount of people in classrooms is reduced, which gives everyone more individual time with the teacher, and you can concentrate way better. Faculty and students work very closely and have a stronger bond with each other. 

University Student Testimonial

Daniel Vidal,


Having started studying at the University at ACS was the best way to transfer to New York (where I moved in spring 2022). My experience in Marbella was fantastic. I met amazing people (students and staff), we all had a really good relationship, almost like a family. We really shared good moments inside and outside the classroom. I miss that positive energy. ACS is a really good place to start your college life if you are planning to transfer to the USA (or other university in Europe) and a good point to add is that you would be living in Marbella.

Ukrainian students in The American College in Spain

Edvard Tsymbala,


I want to thank the entire ACS team for giving me this opportunity and opening new doors for me. Now I am studying in Florida (USA). ACS is an amazing university with excellent faculty. They have also made me grow as a person.

University Student Graduated

Jane Egorova,


American college was a really fun and interesting experience for me. The fact that it’s small made it very easy to have a lot of one on one help from the professors. This college not only helped me improve on my studies but also my soft skills, such as teamwork, independence and punctuality. This college is a perfect stepping stone for your future academic and professional career. 


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Estudiantes de diversidad

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Live a unique International Experience studying at
The American College in Spain!

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