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Broward College Spain & Washburn University

Learn more about our partnership, Stackable Scholarships, and more information about Washburn University!

Broward College transfer students can major/minor/concentrate in one or more of the following in our School of Business:

  • Accounting

  • Economics

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Finance

  • General Business

  • International Business

  • Management

  • Marketing

  • Data Analytics

Broward College Tuition Rates

The estimated cost of attendance for one academic year (9 months) based on 2022-2023 rates:

Washburn University is very excited to announce a new program; if you live in the dormitory, Washburn University will pay for your health insurance ($2,200)! So, this is like a new $2,200 scholarship per year, as long as you live on campus!

Broward transfer students might also have access to the tuition reduction above and stackable scholarships listed below, such as the School of Business Transfer Scholarship and transfer academic scholarship.

If you would like to chat more about life and opportunities at Washburn University, please contact with us.

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