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Excursion Day to Bolonia!

Amazing day at Bolonia beach! Our students were able to enjoy a walk through the dunes and a visit to the impressive Baelo Claudia museum. These Roman ruins are among the most important Roman remains in Andalusia. A full day of fun and learning! 🤩✨🔝

Baelo Claudia was an ancient Roman town of Hispania, located 22 kilometers (14 mi) outside Tarifa, near the village of Bolonia, in southern Spain. Lying on the shores of the Strait of Gibraltar, the town was originally a fishing village and trade link when it was settled some 2,000 years ago. Although prosperous at the time of Emperor Claudius, it went into a decline hastened by earthquakes and was abandoned by the 6th century.

The study of its architectural remains shows its Roman origin at the end of the 2nd century BC, already observed since that time a great wealth that makes it an important economic center in the Mediterranean area.

The dune Bologna is a dune of sand more than 30 meters high located to the northwest of the bay of Bologna, towards Punta Camarinal, on the coast of the Atlantic of the province of Cádiz ( Spain ). It was declared a natural monument in 2001.

It is an accumulation of sand formed by the prevailing winds of lift to the frontally, hitting the cove's end. The coastline of Playa de Bolonia has a southeast-northwest orientation. The east wind raises and projects a stream of fine sand that sweeps the beach's surface until it reaches the end of the cove, where this current collides with the closure from the cove, almost perpendicular. The end of the cove has a small rock substrate, more visible to the west, and pine and understory vegetation, all of which slows the sand and causes the formation of the dune, more than 30 meters high and more than 200 meters inland, in a width of about 500 meters.

The end of the dune is more or less stable, in a continuous struggle between the pines to grow and the sand to advance, but it does not advance continuously, since the height of the dune exceeds that of the trees and the strong wind carries the excess sand away from the dune.


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