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Guaranteed Program for Admission - Arizona State University (ASU)

Simplify your transfer with the Guaranteed Program for Admission

Transferring from a community college to a four-year university can be a smooth process when planned. The Guaranteed Program for Admission helps you plan and complete prescribed coursework designed to easily transfer to ASU. With more than 350 degree programs available, you will be well on your way to becoming a Sun Devil.

Benefits of the program

There are perks to participating in the Guaranteed Program for Admission. They include:

  • ASU tools and guidance on which courses to take while attending your community college

  • ability to transfer to ASU in the fall or spring semester

  • classes at ASU available during the semester you need them

  • your catalog year will remain the year you sign the agreement rather than the year you are admitted to ASU

Program agreement

  • work with your community college advisor and your ASU transfer specialist to monitor your progress.

  • understand and meet admission requirements (learn about general university transfer admission requirements and requirements for your major)

  • complete the coursework for the GPA in two years or less from the point when you sign up for the program with ASU

  • agree that your academic data and advising information may be shared between your community college and ASU.

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