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Marbella integrates into the American university map and attracts international students

This Andalusian city is the only one to host a university approved by the United States Government, which offers the possibility of receiving the 'Associate of Arts Degree' from Keiser University, recognized by Forbes magazine.

Marbella has been integrated and consolidated as an extension of the American university map by fulfilling its international educational offer and attracting students from all over the world with a new educational alliance.


The Andalusian city is the only one to host a university approved by the United States Government, which has also just signed an agreement with Keiser University, recognized in 2024 by Forbes magazine.


Students can begin their university studies in person in the American academic system in Marbella and conclude them at any of the 21 campuses that Keiser University has in the United States, according to reports from The American College in Spain.


Following the successful completion of two years of studies in The American College in Spain, students will be awarded an 'Associate of Arts Degree' from Keiser University. This provides them with the opportunity to transfer to one of the Keiser University campuses to complete their last two years of studies, explained Ms. Melissa Butler, the Campus Director.


The 'Associate of Arts Degree' from Keiser University provides the opportunity for students to continue their education and receive a BA (Bachelor of Arts), BBA (Bachelor of Business and Administration) or BSc (Bachelor of Science) at one of their 21 campuses in Florida or go to any other American university in the US or Europe.


Among the many advantages of studying in the American academic system is that students can take subjects from different areas before having to focus on a specific one, which allows them to organize and design their own study plan, making it easier to change careers, and enhance their critical thinking skills.

In this regard, Ms. Butler has highlighted the fact that “the North American educational system is one of the most prestigious in the world” and “integrates into its program conferences and presentations given by businessmen, athletes, scientists, or relevant personalities as a supplement to the academic training.”​​


Founded in 2013, ACS, located in the city of Marbella (Malaga), is the first 'High School' (ESO and Baccalaureate) and American university in Andalusia which offers a fully

accredited American curriculum.


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