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The relevance of a college education

College is a challenge along with anything in life. It is a place to ‘read for your degree’, to compete, and take your rightful place in the society. It is a melting pot of different races, ethnic and social backgrounds, religious and political views.

It opens up opportunities for individuals to work in any place in the world, having had international and accredited qualifications to do so. It also allows that person to pursue any possible profession in the future, and sell themselves in the corporate market. A college education affords a certain independence and freedom to chart their own destiny.

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

You often hear that persons, throughout their lifespan, change their careers about three to four times, and even after retirement they choose to pursue another field of study. Having the necessary qualifications, aka a degree in that field of study, grants them that flexibility to thus change careers. It permits degree holders to have job satisfaction-in that they love what they do- and stability.

Among the many benefits of a college education is the one that fosters social mobility and networking tolerance for culture, ethnic minority, and religious views. It does not only allow for social mobility but through attending a four year college programme, many long-lasting connections are made through interacting with persons from all walks of life. Not only making connections with the faculty but with fellow students who push you to try to be your best, challenge you to question and aid in your discovery of new things. These persons, you find will be like you in similar and opposing ways, and their invaluable debates and intellectual encouragement will be etched in your mind for decades.

College is ultimately one key place where life long term relationships and associations are formed. Compared to high school graduates, one with a college degree earns more – much more. Not to mention, employers tend to give their employees health-care coverage, and college graduates are more likely to have less stress and high blood pressure.

The relevance of a college education enables you to not only think, analyze and reason beyond your capacity but it allows you to chart a better course in life. It also fosters better prospects for career development which tend to enhance your earning power and mental stability; thereby, allowing you to adequately provide for your family as well as nurturing your independence and social mobility.

By: Alexandra Daley


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