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PERT Test Score Information

Understanding PERT Test Scores

The Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) is a standardized test administered to Florida high school students and those who are entering college in the state.

Each student receives a scaled score for all three PERT subtests. The lowest score that a person can receive on a PERT subtest test is 50, while the highest score is 150.

Individuals do not pass or fail the PERT exam. The scores they earn on each of the three subtests are used to determine what their skill level is in each of those areas and place them in the appropriate classes.

Scores Needed for College-Level Classes

Individuals who are interested in pursuing post-secondary studies must earn suitable scores on the PERT tests in order to demonstrate that they are ready for college-level classes.

High school students who do not earn high enough scores take developmental education classes in their senior year. Colleges also offer remedial courses for those who do not demonstrate the skills needed to start college-level classes.

Mathematics Scores

Individuals who earn a score of 114-122 can enroll in Intermediate Algebra, a college-level math class. Scores of 123 or more increase the number of mathematics courses a student is eligible to take. Students who score below 114 must take developmental education or remedial courses.

Reading Scores

Individuals who do not score 106 or more on the reading subtest may also be required to take a developmental education or remedial reading course. This is the cut score to register for a college-level Freshman Composition Skills class.

Writing Scores

All students who plan to take Freshman Composition Skills must earn a score of 103 or more on the writing test in addition to the minimum accepted score on the reading test.

How to Improve Your PERT Test Score

Individuals who do not do well when they take the PERT test in grade 11 or prior to starting college do have the option of taking the PERT test again. Students who are preparing to take the PERT exam for the first time or who need to retake the test can take advantage of some study resources in order to do as well as possible on their exam.

PERT Sample Questions

The Florida Department of Education website has a free PERT study guide. This PDF file contains sample questions for each of the three PERT subtests. Students can use this resource to familiarize themselves with how questions are worded and what they may be asked about when taking the PERT exam. The study guide also contains study tips and a detailed description of skills tested by the exam.

PERT Study Course

This 101-lesson PERT: Practice & Study Guide Course was developed to help students be certain that they review all the information on the PERT subtests before taking the exam. It allows individuals to work through the material at their own pace and is accessible online. The course also features self-checking quizzes and a PERT Final Exam so students can track their progress and determine when they're ready to take their test.

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