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What is the PERT Test?

The PERT test is the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) the state of Florida uses to ensure that high school students are ready to take college-level classes. Colleges also use the PERT scores to place students in the appropriate courses when they start their post-secondary studies. The PERT test has replaced the Accuplacer as the standard placement test used throughout the state of Florida and has three sections: Math, Reading, and Writing.

PERT testing is typically taken on the computer, although students who qualify for testing accommodations may have the option of receiving a paper test version or taking the test in Braille. The PERT test is divided into three subtests. There are 30 questions for each of the three subtests that make up the PERT examination. All questions are presented in multiple-choice format. The subtests are:

  • PERT math test

Students should have a good grasp of algebraic equations. You should be able to solve linear and quadratic equations as well as apply standard algorithms. You will be expected to manipulate polynomials and use coordinate planes.

  • PERT reading test

Critical reading facilitates the PERT reading test. Students must be able to find the meaning in passages including the author's intent, the difference between fact and opinion, and be able to pull out key ideas.

  • PERT writing test

Questions on the PERT writing test focus on grammar, sentence structure, and the ability to write cohesively. Synthesis of information, as well as key organizational and structural concepts, will be tested. You will also be expected to understand appropriate word choice and syntax.

Does everyone in Florida have to take the PERT test?

Typically, all Florida students take the PERT test when they are in grade 11. College students who have not taken the exam previously do so prior to enrolling in classes.

However, some students may not need to take the PERT exams. Individuals who earn high enough scores on the SAT or ACT tests may also not need to take the PERT exam. Some schools allow students who entered the 9th grade after 2003 and graduated with a standard high school diploma to forgo PERT testing. Military personnel may also be exempt. It is important to check with your school guidance office to learn about exemptions to the PERT test if you are taking other standardized tests.

Where is the PERT test taken?

High school students take the test at their school, but they can also choose to take the PERT examinations at some colleges throughout the state. College students typically take the exam at the school they plan on attending. Note, some schools waive the first-time test taking fee. Retake charges vary by school and testing center. You can do the PERT exam here at The American College in Spain.

Is there a time limit on the PERT test?

Students are not given a time restriction when they take the PERT exam. While it is common for students to complete the math and writing tests in 30 minutes and the reading test in an hour, they are not required to, so take your time to answer each question to the best of your ability.

What if I fail the PERT?

High school students who do not earn high enough scores to qualify to pursue college-level studies receive college preparatory instruction during their senior year. They must complete it in order to graduate.

Individuals can retake the PERT exam, but the number of testing attempts allowed is up to individual school boards and post-secondary institutions.

How should I prepare for the PERT exam?

Passing the PERT exam involves reviewing key math, reading, and writing skills. Students who are preparing to take the test can use these resources to ensure that they focus on studying the right material for their test.

What is the best PERT study course?

The 101-lesson PERT: Practice & Study Guide Course is designed to take students through all of the material that's on the PERT exam and allows them to work at their own pace. It also features a PERT Final Exam to help students determine if they're ready for their test. The Florida Department of Education website ( contains a study guide that outlines what is covered on the three PERT subtests. It also includes test-taking tips and practice questions with answers.

What are some studying tips for the PERT?

  • Find a study group

Since all Florida students are required to take the PERT exam, look for a study group to join or find a study partner. Working with others is a good way to remain focused on studying when preparing for an examination.

  • Take a practice test

Scholarly research shows that taking practice tests is one of the best techniques to prepare you for standardized testing. offers many study resources including practice tests for the PERT.

  • Practice distributed studying

Distributed studying is another study technique founded in research. It basically means do not cram. Distribute your studying practices over time and in different environments. This can take many forms including flashcards, summarizing information, and rewording passages in your own words. Resources that use free recall of information or tests that make you understand the content rather than just recognize the words are found to be better for studying.

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