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The American College & Spain Abroad

The American College in Spain and Spain Abroad join forces to offer American education in Spain.

The Purpose of Spain Abroad

As a family, we've always appreciated travel and understand the value of learning and respecting other cultures and beliefs. There is much to be gained from getting out of our own comfortable bubble and adopting a broader, more global worldview. Spain Abroad is for the student that wants to immerse in Spanish culture, gain Spanish language skills, explore a new destination, and gain insight in figuring out your future path, through a rich, Global experience. Whether you're taking a semester off from school or you want to take college credits with the goal of achieving a full Associates' Degree in Spain, we have opportunities for you.

A culturally rich, life-changing experience!

Spain Abroad offers two program options for 16-25 year olds.

In our CULTURAL IMMERSION PROGRAM, students stay in a homestay where you're welcomed into a local family while studying Spanish. All arrangements are made for you and the program includes excursions, weekly group meetings, and classes on career and resume building, while experiencing the Spanish culture firsthand.

In our EXPLORATORY PROGRAM, students learn independent living skills while sharing an apartment with three other students. This is a more individualized program that offers life coaching and mentoring while students earn college credit that can lead to an Associates Degree. (Classes are taught in English.) This is a wonderful chance to explore the Spanish language and culture but also explore yourself, your goals and how to prepare for your future.

We are a family-owned business, with years of experience working with high school students and young adults in the fields of education, career exploration, mental health, life-coaching, and mentoring. We utilize our education, work experience, and passion for providing global awareness to deliver a program that will not just build your resume but will also give you a life-changing experience while making memorable friendships.

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